Who we are, what we do

USGS-R is a community of researchers, technicians, and programmers working increase engagement and scientific tool sharing across the USGS. Through R training and development of tools in R, we are advancing how the USGS uses data, computing, and visualization.

To advance and support the effective use of R in the USGS, we organize a number of activities, including:

  • R Training
  • R Package development and support
  • Online code repository
  • Advanced R support

Why R?

R is an open-source programming language specially designed for statistics, data analysis and visualization. It is highly extensible and has a large community of contributors adding functionality every day. This large community makes R one of the most powerful and diverse ecosystems for scientific computing and data processing.

By using, developing, and sharing tools for R, we are working to improve USGS scientific productivity, impact and reproducibility.

What is GRAN?

GRAN is the Geological Survey R Archive Network.

GRAN is a repository of curated R packages developed by USGS employees for USGS and external use. It allows a user to easily download and install an R package and, in the future, receive updates to that package code as they become available. Please see How to use GRAN? for information on using GRAN packages.