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Application - Part 4, publish results

In this section, we will complete the workflow and push the finished plots to ScienceBase from within the script. See the previous section to see how we created the plots (or visit Part 5 to see the completed Part 3 code).

Create location to publish on SB

The challenge with this application was to provide summaries of precipitation, nitrogen, and phosphorus data for a specific set of sites provided by a cooperator. The challenge was to automate the entire workflow, so the final step is to publish our results to ScienceBase. It would make sense to push the results to the same ScienceBase item that the cooperator provided for sites, but since this is an exercise and others will be completing it, we will save the results to a personal SB item.

Therefore, the first step is to create a folder under your user to save the results. Title this new item “USGS Pkgs Curriculum - application results”. Visit the sbtools modify lesson to remind yourself how to do this. Try it on your own before expanding the solution code!

Publish plots and map images

Next upload the time series and map PNGs to ScienceBase. Remember, those file names are stored as the variables site_fnames and map_fname. Then, check to see if the files were successfully uploaded to SB.

Lindsay R. Carr