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Final Thoughts on USGS R Packages

This concludes the Introduction to USGS R Packages course. If you have any feedback on the course, please email us with your comments and suggestions. Note that this course was only able to cover a subset of USGS R packages, and more will likely be added as time and funding allow. To learn more about other available USGS packages, please visit the USGS-R home page, or view the source code on the USGS-R GitHub repository. On the USGS-R home page, you will notice that packages are grouped into categories based on their maintenance, development, and user support activity. Visit this page to learn more about those categories.

If you have any questions, feature requests, or bugs to report for any USGS package, we recommend you submit an issue through the package’s GitHub repository to directly communicate with the developers (e.g. see these issues for dataRetrieval). You will need a GitHub account. The key for submitting an issue is that you provide the developer enough context to answer your question or fix the bug. This includes a reproducible example (simplest data that causes the problem - stock datasets are best, e.g. mtcars), complete description of the problem, system configuration information (run and provide output from packageVersion("pkgName"), R.version, and RStudio.Version()$version), and any error messages.

If you think you would like to create your own package or are curious about package development, step through our R Package Development curriculum to learn about the process, technical skill, and time commitment involved.

You can also keep up-to-date through our USGS-R Twitter account, @USGS_R!

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Course Authors

Lindsay Carr

Alison Appling

Laura DeCicco

Samantha Oliver

Jordan Walker


David Blodgett, US Geological Survey (geoknife, author)

Scott Chamberlain, rOpenSci (sbtools, author)

Robert Hirsch, US Geological Survey (dataRetrieval, author)

David Lorenz, US Geological Survey (dataRetrieval, author)

Jordan Read, US Geological Survey (geoknife & sbtools, author)

Luke Winslow (sbtools & geoknife, author)