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geoknife - Exercises

Before starting the exercises, you should make sure that the geoknife package is installed and loaded. If you haven’t recently updated, you could reinstall the package by running install.packages('geoknife') or go to the “Update” button in the “Packages” tab in RStudio.

# load the geoknife package

Exercise 1

How many GDP data sets are related to sea level rise? Hint: grep.

Helpful links: search available GDP data

Exercise 2

What variables are in the “University of Idaho Daily Meteorological data for continental US” dataset? Also, choose one variable and determine the range of dates. Hint: create a geoknife fabric first.

Helpful links: search available GDP data

Exercise 3

What was the average maximum air temperature in Texas on July 4, 2007? Use the dataset titled “TopoWx: Topoclimatic Daily Air Temperature Dataset for the Conterminous United States”, which has a maximum temperature variable, tmax. Hint: you will need all three pieces - stencil, fabric, and knife. Also, this data has daily values set at 12:00, and you will need to include times in your start and end dates to retrieve the correct day’s value.

Helpful links: executing a geojob

Lindsay R. Carr