We offer in person "Introduction to R" workshops to USGS Science Centers and other groups. Workshops are typically 2-3 days long, are hands-on, and cover basic skills for using R for a reproducible, scalable, and transparent scientific workflow. Our team includes Data Carpentry certified instructors who use a USGS curriculum to guide students through common data analysis workflow steps: get, clean, explore, visualize, analyze, and repeat.

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Upon request, we will tailor training to particular needs of a group (e.g., mapping, graphics, or statistics). After completing a workshop, you won’t be an R expert, but should have the foundation for getting started on your own data analysis work in R and will know where and how to get help. We can also work with groups or individuals to help get R scripts formalized using software development best practices.

Data Carpentry Lesson R workshop in Helena, MT Emily Read teaching r

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There are many resources for R training. Please see our list of online R training resources. Contact us with questions. Email <>.